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DO NOT DRIVE WITHOUT A LICENSE written by: dreamwriter
Driving without a driver’s license is illegal in the United States of America. However, some states differentiate between driving a vehicle without a proof of a license and driving without a license. To avoid spending money on penalties offered in different states do not drive without a license. Penalties to do with driving without a valid driver’s license or failing to provide one when stopped by traffic police include fit it tickets, vehicle impoundment and even jail term especially when you drive after your state government has revoked your driver’s license.
Driver license violations

Drivers can violet drivers’ licensing laws in different ways. Perhaps, it can be an honest mistake such as forgetting your driver’s license at home or your office. Some of the common violations that relate to driving license include the following

• Failure to apply for a driver’s license within the allowed period

• Possessing an expired license

• Driving with a temporarily suspended license

• Driving with a permanently revoked license

• Failure to show proof of your driving license when stopped by traffic police

Penalties that accompany driving without a license

Failing to show a valid license can attract various penalties depending on your state as well as circumstances. These penalties fall in two main categories, correctable offenses, online drivers ed texas and willful violations
Correctable offenses
When you accidently forget your driver’s license at home or anywhere else, you are likely to pay for a fix it ticket. Afterwards, you have to provide the police with your valid driver’s license to show that you have fixed the violation. Until you show your valid driving license, the court will not dismiss your citation. Instead, you will attract more fines and penalties until you come over to clear your name.
Willful violations
Driving with a suspended or revoked license is part of the willing violations. Such offenses attract stiffer penalties than the correctable offenses. State officers often suspend driver’s licenses as a way of keeping careless and dangerous drivers off the roads. Therefore, when you decide to drive with a suspended or revoked license, the state police have the authority to arrest and charge for committing misdemeanor offense. Penalties for willful violations vary from one state to another. In the discussion below, we have looked at the penalties offered by different states when a driver decides to operate without a valid driver’s license

Illinois- Driving without a license for the first time will lead to a two-month suspension and a possible jail term of up to one year for using a suspended driver’s license.

California- Failing to show your license can make your to be impounded for a period of 30 days. If the offense falls under DUI or any other charges, you must appear before the court.

New York- In this state, an expired license attracts a fine of $ 40- $ 50,

In conclusion, driving without a license is crime in the United States of America. The best way to avoid problems such as fines, impounded car or even jail term, simply do not drive without a license. The penalties offered by the courts depend with your state and circumstances under which you committed the offense.